Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look for us in Philadelphia

We'll be at the Trans Health Conference

The Seventh Annual Mazzoni Center Trans-Health Conference will be held in Philadelphia on May 29-31, 2008. Join us! This year's theme is: "Honoring Our Past, Envisioning Our Future".

This conference focuses on the specific issues, needs, and experiences of trans and gender-variant people with regard to the health of our bodies, lives, and communities. Everyone concerned about these issues is welcome to attend, including but not limited to: members of the trans and gender variant communities, partners, allies, family members, healthcare and social service providers.

Say hi to Ian Foxe....and offer a birthday spanking ; )

Trannywood Takes the Town part 3

We aren't showing anything here...but we are a big supporter ;)

June 7, 2008

Curated by Storm Florez. Original concept by Storm Florez and Seeley Quest
Tickets: $8-$15 Sliding Scale
Buy Tickets:

Trans as F*ck: An evening of TranSEXxxhibitionism that rocks the gender bound world!

Join us for an evening of erotic performance where transgender and genderqueer performers will explore, celebrate and heal what it means to be sexual in our trans bodies. Trans as Fuck is radical performance that shatters the confines of sexual expectations. This show is about expressing and exposing ourselves. Quite literally.

Featuring performances by Charlie Anders as Emcee, 'ron daniella, solidad decosta, Luis Gutierrez-Mock, Storm Florez, Seeley Quest, Helen Wong and a short film by Annie Danger

*INFORMED CONSENT: There will be consensual, explicit sexual content in the show. Audience members are welcome to leave at any time during any performance. This is an 18 and older event.

Trannywood Takes the Town part 2

Friday June 6, 8pm: Let's Talk About Sex- HOT QUEER PORN.

Yes, indeed, our first friday film fest this month is all about porn made by and for queers. Join us for films by erotic film makers Shine Louise Houston of Pink and White Productions, Dana Dearmond director for Vivid Alt, Julie Simone director for Abigail Productions and Julie Simone Productions, Trouble Royale for No Fauxxx, Trannywood Pictures, Madison Young director for Madison Bound Prouductions and Morty Diamond: director of "Trannyfags" and "Trans Entities."

The films will be followed by a panel on "Making Your Own Porn" and a film open mic where the public is invited to screen their own hot erotic films and DIY porn.
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance at

Trannywood Takes the Town part 1

Friday, June 6th: Trans Porn Panel with stars from Trannywood!

Listen to your favorite trans porn stars discuss the making and starring in of trans porn today. Join Dex Hardlove, Ian Sparks, Mark Van Helsing, Marlo Davis, and more as they show clips from some of their films and answer questions about their craft and their experience as trans porn stars in the Bay Area and beyond.

When: Friday, June 6th
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Where: Good Vibrations Valencia Street Store
603 Valencia Street (at 17th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 522-5460

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From website

Couch Surfers at Babeland

Mind-blowing, boundary-busting, scorching hot transman sex—what else would you expect from Couch Surfers, the second offering from trailblazing Trannywood Pictures? From the opening credits to the bonus disc, you’ll find incredibly passionate and skilled trans/gay men sucking, fucking and fisting--including the super hot Dex Hardlove simultaneously fisting two lucky friends (with lots of BabeLube), and a sizzling orgy on the bonus disc. Straightforward boundary negotiation, a full spectrum of trans body diversity, and safer sex practices make the sex a real, intense, and incredibly liberating. Also includes the educational pamphlet “A First Timer’s Guide to Playing with Trans Guys.”

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Couch Surfers in the Village Voice!

Tristan Taormino just wrote a great piece in the Village Voice related to Couch Surfers and Morty Diamond's work : )

Check it out Pucker Up in the Village Voice

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

From our Friends at Pink & White..who did well at the Feminist Porn Awards

Check out the sweet shout out midway down....

Feminist Porn Award 2008 goes to...

Toronto’s Feminist Porn Award, presented by Good For Her, celebrated the 2008 awards ceremony this weekend. What a great Monday to find out that we’ve won!

Crash Pad Series Volume 1 DVD was presented with the Hottest Dyke Sex Scene 2008 Award. Bet you want to see it, don’t you? Sign up to join our membership site with the most uniquely queer content online (and by doing so you’re supporting authentic queer porn) or, buy the DVD, which features the top five episodes of Season 1.

Other awards went to our friends Buck Angel - Boundary Breaker of the Year - (hawt FTM trans porn star who pretty much paved the way for the rest of us with his thick cigar, manly pussy, and his own line of videos. He was recently awarded an AVN Award for Transsexual Performer of the Year, a title which typically goes to Trans Female stars. Go Buck! Woof!

Tristan Taormino, bless her smart ass-loving self, won Smutty Schoolteacher of the Year for her educational Guides to Oral Sex (Cunnilingus and Fellatio). Pink & White’s lovely Lorelei Lee and Dana DeArmond have both had the pleasure of working with Tristan, one of the fresh new voices of feminist sex ed today.

Our Canadian sister Bren Ryder was so inspired by Pink & White Productions’ The Crash Pad, that she decided to start her own porn company up in Canada -- and one year later was awarded the Golden Beaver Award! for her company Good Dyke Porn -- congrats!

You may have recognized Wil and Papi from their smoking hot morning scene and twink sandwich three-way in our third film In Search of the Wild Kingdom. Well, they are the stars of Morty Diamond’s Trans Entities: The Nasty Love of Papi and Wil, which was awarded "Most Tantalizing Trans Film"... AND "Deliciously Diverse Cast" because... well, these two (and the lover they share in the film) are more diverse than a polka-dotted zebra. Is there anything these hunks can’t do?!?

Hottest Kink Film went to our own Superfreak Madison Young for Bondage Boob Tube. If you like rope, and we KNOW Madison likes rope!, do yourself a favor and watch the boob tube.

(FYI If there were an award for Safer Sex Studs, it’d go to our friends at Trannywood Pictures, who were not nominated for awards this year, but have recieved a number of aclaimed reviews for their second film Couch Surfers which does SF sexing proud with hot concentual sex by confident trans guys and even -- even! -- includes a pamphlet on having sex with trans men for new comers! AND they have a VOD website with more trans, gay, and dyke porn to watch online. These guys have a good thing going on!)

We haven’t checked out the other titles of this line up, like the one that won the Sexiest Straight Film, but think it’s just brilliant how queer this line up of awards is -- it’s the opposite of AVN! Erika Lust’s film, which has a trailer online, looks very very hot -- not very queer, but mega alt in a way that looks different from mainstream porn, that’s for sure. (How’d they get permission to use Courtney Love’s track?) Visit our friends at Hot Movies for Her for the trailer:


Boundary Breaker of the Year
Buck Angel

Smutty Schoolteacher of the Year (Educational Title)
Tristan Taormino: Expert Guide to Oral Sex Part 1 Cunnilingus and Part 2 Fellatio | Tristan Taormino; Vivid Ed

Hottest Dyke Film
Crash Pad Series Volume 1 | Shine Louise Houston; Pink and White Productions Blowfish Video

Sexiest Straight Film
My Sex The First Sessions | Kelly Holland; Chick Media

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content
Bren Ryder |

Best Bi Scene
Female Fantasies | Petra Joy; Strawberry Seductress Productions

Most Tantalizing Trans Film
Trans Entities: The Nasty Love of Papi’ and Wil | Morty Diamond; Morty Diamond Productions

Hottest Kink Film
Bondage Boob Tube | Madison Young; Blowfish Video

Deliciously Diverse Cast
Trans Entities: The Nasty Love of Papi’ and Wil | Morty Diamond; Morty Diamond Productions

Sexiest Short
Want | Loree Erickson; Femmegimp Productions

Indie Porn Pioneer
Estelle Joseph; Stella Films Productions

Movie of the Year
Five Hot Stories for Her | Erika Lust; Lust Films

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hot Movies VOD sales

To be honest, our films do pretty well on Video on Demand, but we rarely are up at the top any more. That's because the genre is growing, and there are regular releases out from a number of companies. But, at least this weekend the Most Watched list looks like this...

  1. Couch Surfers - Trans Men In Action
  2. TrannyFags
  3. Buckback Mountain
  4. Trans Entities: The Nasty Love Of Papi And Wil
  5. Even More Bang For Your Buck
  6. Buck Off
  7. Cubbyholes
  8. The Adventures Of Buck Naked - Director's Cut
Publish Post

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Top Trannywood Retailers April 08


1 Babeland
2 Smitten Kitten
3 Good Vibes
4 Venus Envy
5 Early 2 Bed
6 Tulip
7 Come as you Are
8 Pride & Joy

Couch Surfers
1 Good Vibes
2 Smitten Kitten
3 Pride & Joy
4 (tie)A Womans touch
5 Eden Fantasies

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Community based porn

Congrats to Pink & White, Morty Diamond and Buck Angel as well as the other nominees for the Feminist Porn Awards.

Cubbyholes didn't make the cut, don't know why exactly.

So to vent, here is a list of what we value....

Safe sex, we believe porn should show ways of having sex that his hot and at least reduce the possibility of harm.

We value the talent. Our talent (in front, behind and post production) are committed to the message of Trannywood, and we wouldn't exist without them. We pay all our talent, at least a small stipend for their hard work and their creativity. Some tech folks have donated their time and/or invoiced us significantly lower than their market rate. We also have a profit sharing program to continue to link our actors long after the first round of sales.

We see our talent as more than just an actor to be directed. Our actors help define the scene, often directing the action, some have become directors, editors and videographers.

We support other indy film makers, and fundraisers for surgeries and other emergencies.

We support community conferences over adult industry conferences. We think our message is better shaped by the community we serve than by trying to fit established "standards" of porn.

Whew, there, I feel better now.

Friday, February 29, 2008

New Couch Surfers Review

The Fab Audacia Ray just posted a review of Couch Surfers over at Live Girl Review, check it out...

Live Girl Review

Feb 08 Top Retailers for us

These are 07 and 08 totals

Top Selling Retail Stores Cubbyholes

#1 Babeland
#2 Good Vibrations
#3 Smiten Kitten
#4 Venus Envy
#5 Early 2 Bed
#6 Tulip
#7 Come As You Are
#8 Pride & Joy
#9 tie Sugar
Good For Her
#10 Grind & Groove

Top Selling Retail Stores Couch Surfers

#1 Good Vibrations
#2 Early 2 Bed
#3 PlaySpace
#4 Pride & Joy
#5 tie Smitten Kitten
A Womens Touch

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gayvn Awards...oh well.

We had a great showing of a dozen Trannywood folk who attended the GayVN awards.

We were nominated in Best Alternative Release...which had three nominees....Buckback Mountain, Cubbyholes, and Naked Boys Singing.....and the winner was....Naked Boys Singing.

Oh well. Buck was also nominated in another category...the first time he had been nominated on his own in the GayVNs...but he didn't win that either.

We are up for a few more awards this year...will keep you updated.

And sad to say, Bi Apple, our favorite for the Bi Category didn't win there either.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Still getting the word out about's not all about Couch Surfers around here : )

Here is Audacia Ray's review Live Girl Review.

Just shipped our first orders to a store in Germany.

Saturday is the GayVNs.

Big week : )

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Couch Surfers first Review

and interview with me....Ian Sparks : )

It's on Eros-zine (not affiliated with EROS-the Center for Safe Sex) and can be found at Eros-Zine

Monday, January 28, 2008

Top Selling Retail Stores Cubbyholes

Top Selling Retail Stores Cubbyholes

#1 Babeland
#2 Smiten Kitten
#3 Good Vibrations
#4 Venus Envy
#5 Tulip
#6 Early 2 Bed
#7 Come As You Are
#8 Pride & Joy

What's cool of course is that it's the big stores and the small stores that are on the list : ) An all over North America with 2 Canadians in the top 8.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Couch Surfers Arrives!

We'll be sending out orders tomorrow and promos to the remaining stores.

I'll let you know when they are available online or on the shelves.

Whoo hoo!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gayvn Awards!

Gayvn awards - it’s a privilege to be nominated...and we were!

Buckback Mountain, Buck Angel Entertainment
Cubbyholes: Trans Men in Action, Trannywood
Naked Boys Singing, TLA Releasing

Yes, there are two gay ftm porns nominated... Congrats to Buck on his nomination and to all of us at Trannywood Pictures, whoo hoo!

The award ceremony is Feb. 16 here in SF : )

Monday, January 7, 2008

XBiz awards update

Well, Trannywood Pictures wasn't nominated for any XBiz Awards. I was hoping for Emerging LGBT Film Company, maybe they wanted to see we are here to, we'll see in 2009.

Congrats to Buck Angel for two nominations, best LGBT Feature for Buckback Mountain, and LGBT Performer of the year.

Now, we'll just see what the Gay AVN Awards have to say, I think next week.


We continue to get reorders for "Cubbyholes" and our new film "Couch Surfers" should arrive in our offices this week. We already have three store that have ordered "Couch Surfers" sight unseen.