Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Community based porn

Congrats to Pink & White, Morty Diamond and Buck Angel as well as the other nominees for the Feminist Porn Awards.

Cubbyholes didn't make the cut, don't know why exactly.

So to vent, here is a list of what we value....

Safe sex, we believe porn should show ways of having sex that his hot and at least reduce the possibility of harm.

We value the talent. Our talent (in front, behind and post production) are committed to the message of Trannywood, and we wouldn't exist without them. We pay all our talent, at least a small stipend for their hard work and their creativity. Some tech folks have donated their time and/or invoiced us significantly lower than their market rate. We also have a profit sharing program to continue to link our actors long after the first round of sales.

We see our talent as more than just an actor to be directed. Our actors help define the scene, often directing the action, some have become directors, editors and videographers.

We support other indy film makers, and fundraisers for surgeries and other emergencies.

We support community conferences over adult industry conferences. We think our message is better shaped by the community we serve than by trying to fit established "standards" of porn.

Whew, there, I feel better now.