Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Couch Surfers 2 arrived and is officially released!

The first stores to have them should be the Tool Shed in Milwaukee and The Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis.

Screeners are being sent out daily this week until all retailers have received them as well as reviewers who are appropriate.

Yay! Nice to actually meet a deadline : )

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oops had already posted that one...here's another

Rowan and Marlo from Trannywood's Couch Surfers 2.

Behind the Scenes from Couch Surfer 2

Rowan and Marlo from Trannywood's Couch Surfers 2.

Couch Surfer 2 Behind the Scenes

Dex & Cupid from Trannywood Pictures "Couch Surfers 2". The SF Bay Times ran this photo with the calendar announcement for Trannyfest Art Festival in November :)

Couch Surfer 2 Teasers

Cupid helps Dex with the correct method of rolling on a condom. From the first scene of Couch Surfers 2, Dex & Cupid, from Trannywood Pictures.

More tease pics from Couch Surfers 2

Mark Van Helsing and Peter Peas from the final scene of the feature disc of Couch Surfers 2 from Trannywood Pictures.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Couch Surfers 2 Release Date Dec 7

Couch Surfers 2 Release day is December 7, 2009

Years in the making, Couch Surfers 2 follows some of the same guys from the popular Couch Surfers movie, but adds a few new dimensions to the format. Instead of group scenes, each scene pairs up two of Trannywood’s actors to focus on the heat between these trans and non trans men.

The movie is constructed with most of the action happening at the same time and for viewers of Couch Surfers, they’ll recognize elements and timelines from that movie.

Dex Hardlove starts off chilling on the infamous red couch before heading upstairs to relieve some pressure. He wanders around passes up a furry ass until he spies Cupid groping himself in a porn pit. A shortened version of this scene (which appears on the bonus disc) was screened at the 2009 SF Trannyfest Film Festival to an enthusiastic audience.

Lube Boy is joined on the couch by Rowan MacLachlan and Marlo Davis. The two bears go at it after Lube Boy heads upstairs. Rowan and Marlo utilize both their strap ons as well as their own equipment in a first for trans male porn, having two non trans guys strap on and play hard.

Back to Lube Boy wandering the club and finding the furry ass that Dex had passed up. It belongs to none other than Ian Sparks. The two of them heat up the screen with kissing, biting, slapping and some power topping by Lube Boy.

The final scene of the feature disc is Mark Van Helsing and Peter Peas, which was part of the teaser opening to Couch Surfers. Fans couldn’t believe we didn’t include a real version of that scene in Couch Surfers, and that’s because we were saving it for Couch Surfers 2. Mark’s ass is stretched in it’s trademark fashion, and Peter gets a workout as well.

The bonus disc includes a full scene featuring Rowan MacLachlan and Dorian Darkalley (both featured in our next movie), trailer for Couch Surfers 2, behind the scenes photo gallery as well as the festival version of Dex & Cupid.

Trannywood has a full schedule of filming and releasing in 2010, which we hope is our break out year, further establishing ourselves in the queer/alt/indy porn community.

2009 saw Couch Surfers receive nominations at the GayVN awards as well as the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto. We know that Couch Surfers 2 will be received with the same excitement and satisfaction.

In addition to the two discs, the DVD package for Couch Surfers 2 includes a humorous palm card the Top Five Reasons to Fuck a Transguy produced by tm4m.org.

For screener copy and ordering information, write admin at erossf.com .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Trannywood Plans for 2010 and beyond

We are lining up a schedule of films and films in development for the next two plus years. They look amazing!

Couch Surfers 2 will be released in Dec 2009

We plan on picking up some scenes at the annual Trannywood New Years Eve Party.

We'll break through a couple of the Trannywood style guides in December with a feature film that has elements of the 1970's but not porn, it's not retro or a parody, but has elements of those genre...it's hot, and it is porn, just not truly 1970's porn. There are quite a few surprises in it beginning with not being our normal location.

March will see the planned release of Trannywood Gone Wild, which has a classic lube wrestling scene, as well as two scenes filmed last year at EROS...a hot bear and cub scene and a really hot three way.

March also sees the shooting of a project we've had in development for a while. It's a wild two wheeled adventure with lots of wrenches and hot guys geared up for fun.

June is the planned release of our January feature...and it's pride so we may sneak in a shoot with visiting hotties.

July will be the shooting of another classic scenario in gay porn....the warehouse of men and a submissive bottom.

I hope to begin picking up scenes as I travel to events this year too.

So far we are on target with this schedule, but I won't lay out any more, because I figure we'll be out of synch by July, lol.

Couch Surfer 2 Teasers

One of the queerer of our brand of queer porn is this great scene with Marlo and Rowan. A first in any brand of gay porn, but definitely a first for trannywood style. Marlo made his Trannywood premier in Cubbyholes, and this is Rowans first shoot with us, but you'll see more of him in the bonus disc and in Trannywood Gone Wild, due early in 2010.

December's TM4M.org meeting

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's crunch time with Couch Surfers 2. It's all done...master DVDs authored and burned. Tomorrow I'm packaging up all that goes to the replication plant. It's been a tough journey...with break ins, equipment and editing stolen, staff changes, the economy.

I'm putting on a producer had and scratching together some money for the replication. We should make our window for awards in 2010 and some stores for the holidays.

And we have big...but doable plans for 2010....branching out, shooting out, traveling, you name it. It's very exciting!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy busy boys

So, I got asked, what's up with Trannywood lately?

Well, we do a monthly workshop at EROS, we are helping get the word out on the new Trans Male Magazine "Original Plumbing" and we'll be at Gender Odyssey. Need visuals? Here ya go...

Newsflash: Running a successful business actually takes time and effort

Newsflash: Running a successful business actually takes time and effort

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Monday, August 24, 2009


According to menonthenet.tv (and gayhotmovies)...I'm in 3 of the top 10 FTM porn titles today.

Thanks to Pink and White selecting Brett and my scene from the Crashpadseries to be included on their VOD on hotmovies.

Categories are silly, but fun.

1. Buckback Mountain
2. Trans Entities: The Nasty Love Of Papi And Wil
3. TrannyFags
4. Even More Bang For Your Buck
5. Even More Bang For Your Buck 2
6. The Buck Stops Here
7. Couch Surfers - Trans Men In Action
8. Cubbyholes
9. The DragKing
10. Crash Pad Series - Episode 22: Brett & Ian

I should note, that Mark Van Helsing is in 3 of the Top 10 as well (Trannyfags, Cubbyholes and Couch Surfers).

Once Couch Surfers 2 is released, Mark and I will be at 4 of the Top 10.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did anyone see Dex Hardlove in Chicago?

Dex and Cupid on the set of Couch Surfers 2

Rumor has it that he was in Chicago for the LGBT Health Summit and he made a surprise visit to Tulip. And they had Cubbyholes on display : )

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My calvins turned my dick pink today! on Twitpic

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yikes nearly a year between updates

So, its been a busy year at Trannywood.

We were at the 2008 Trans Health Conference, IDKE, Gender Odyssey Conferences. We also sponsored the SF Trans March and a ton of local benefits around the country.

We were nominated for a GayVN award for Couch Surfers, but didn't get it. It was a blast at the Castro Theater with a ton of our guys and their partners.

We were nominated for the Feminist Porn Awards sponsored by Good For Her. We won an honorable mention (which I think needs to be renamed Up and Cumming). I was able to be there and it was so much fun!!!! SF really turned it out in attendance, nominations and awards.

We had two break ins at our home base, and our computers and back up drives were stolen. Luckily, we had raw footage and some scenes saved off site. We've spent the last 3 months resurrecting Couch Surfers 2...and it's even better this time around. It's a tightly woven movie with 4 scenes, all couples plus a bonus disc that includes another full scene.

We are still collecting more technology, and cameras to finish Trannywood Gone Wild, but the behind the scenes/interviews are edited, so that project is moving along very fast.

Will definitely have more updates soon.

Couch Surfers 2 update

Finally, a CS 2 update
As those of you reading this know... Couch Surfers 2 was about to go off to the final sound/credits editor in April when the final version and our computers were stolen in a messy break in. We have now reconstructed it, better than before, seriously and is off to the final editor in a few days.

There's a pg version of one scene that I'll probably post on x tube, since it's still too steamy for you tube.

And we were able to get 2 or 3 of the scenes down to less than 15 minutes so they are festival ready!

Whoo hoo!

Lots more updates soon.