Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dolores Park Studios first project is in final stages

We now have a studio logo, and the insert is on it's final step as well.  Titling is 95% complete as well.  Whew.  I'm both the director and producer of this project and want to get it out the door as we plan the next one : )

Loren Bruton is the artist behind it.  We wanted to have visual references to T-Wood's logo.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Observation on Mainstream vs queer porn shoot

Mainstream porn vs queer porn

donuts/bagels, fruit, juice, water

ride to hotel and airport/bart directions

bigger paycheck/paid day of shoot

gay for pay/queer for rear

shhhing on the set/laughter and real moans on the set

Two truck loads of equipment/a camera and a light set (maybe)

More Production Crew than actors/more actors than Production Crew

Viagra/Choose who you play with

Monday, October 18, 2010

Interesting Videography stats

SF Based Trans guys in DVDs

28 guys

22 titles

7 different production companies

4 guys that have been in at least 4 DVDs

5 guys that have been in 3 DVDs

6 guys that have been in 2 DVDs

Friday, April 2, 2010

Queer/Gay Trans Male filmography in process

Our little niche of the porn world is really beginning to ramp up. When we started, there was Buck with a bunch of straight movies and a few gay movies, Diesel had a few, Morty Diamond only had Trannyfags out and Good Vibes had long since stopped their movie projects.

2010 we have four movies out, and another in editing stages and another one beginning to film scenes. Buck continues to produce at least once a year, now mainly gay titles. Morty has Trans Entities out there, and Good Vibes Good Releasing has a ton of titles out, many with trans guys and some genderqueer scenes. Crashpadseries continues to be a great incubator and encourager of trans men in porn.

So, I want to start documenting here some of the players, especially in the San Francisco Queer Porn scene, but also try and include others.
  • Cyd Loverboy     Roulette (Reel Queer/Good Releasing), Crashpadseries.com Volume 5 (Pink&White), Seven Minutes in Heaven 2 (Reel Queer/Good Releasing),  Seven Minutes in Heaven 3 (Reel Queer/Good Releasing)
  • Dorian Darkalley     Roulette (as Cole) (Reel Queer/Good Releasing), Couch Surfers 2 (Trannywood), Trannywood Gone Wild (Trannywood), Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Dolores Park Studios) 
  • James Darling     Bordello (Reel Queer/Good Releasing),  Seven Minutes In Heaven 2 (Reel Queer/Good Releasing),  Bang My Tranny Ass 5 (Exquisite Pleasures), Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Dolores Park Studios), Sexing the Transman XXX (Buck Angel Entertainment), Fuckstyles (TroubleFilms)
  • Mark Van Helsing     Kinky New Meat 3 (as Adidan) (Red Board), Trannyfags (Morty Diamond), Cubbyholes (Trannywood), Couch Surfers 2 (Trannywood)
  • Billy Castro     Speakeasy (Reel Queer/Good Releasing) Bordello (Reel Queer/Good Releasing) Billy Castro Does the Mission (Reel Queer/Good Releasing), Billy Castro's Naughty Squirters (Reel Queer/Good Releasing)
  • Cupid     Enough Man (Luke Woodward), Couch Surfers (Trannywood), Couch Surfers 2 (Trannywood)
  • Dex Hardlove     Cubbyholes (Trannywood), Couch Surfers (Trannywood), Couch Surfers 2 (Trannywood)
  • Jake     Crash Pad Series Volume 1 (Pink&White), Crash Pad Series Volume 2 (Pink&White), Crash Pad Series Volume 3 (Pink&White)
  • Puck Goodfellow     Seven Minutes in Heaven 1 (Reel Queer/Good Releasing), Seven Minutes in Heaven 2 (Reel Queer/Good Releasing), Alpha Femmes (Anna Devia)
  • Javier    Champion: Love Hurts (Pink&White), The Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Dolores Park Studios)
  • C J Cockburn     Cubbyholes (Trannywood), Couch Surfers (Trannywood)
  • Brett McCloskey     Couch Surfers(Trannywood), Trannywood Gone Wild (Trannywood)
  • Dale Ryder     Trannywood Gone Wild (Trannywood), Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Dolores Park Studios)
  • Ian Foxe     Cubbyholes(Trannywood), Couch Surfers (Trannywood)
  • Lube Boy     Couch Surfers (Trannywood), Couch Surfers 2 (Trannywood)
  • Billy Jack Gunn     Crash Pad Series Volume 3 (Pink&White)
  • Bootsie Barker    Trannywood Gone Wild (Trannywood)
  • Bos      Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Dolores Park Studios)
  • Cubb    Trannywood Gone Wild (Trannywood)
  • Frat Boy     Cubbyholes (Trannywood)
  • Kuma     Crash Pad Series Volume 5 (Pink&White)
  • Mason Dix     Trannywood Gone Wild (Trannywood)
  • Micah Riot     Crash Pad Series Volume 2 (Pink&White)
  • Paul Gunn     Crash Pad Series Volume 3 (Pink&White)
  • Peter Piper       The Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Dolores Park Studios) also works as Deluxx Dash online.  T-Wood's Rec Room Volume 1 (T-Wood)
  • River Tiger    Trannywood Gone Wild (Trannywood)
  • Seth Trader    Trannywood Gone Wild (Trannywood)
  • Trucker Cash      Crash Pad Series Volume 1 (Pink&White)
  • J-Bird   T-Wood's Rec Room Volume 1 (T-Wood)

On line/membership sites are popping up with Queer SF guys as well.  Nofauxxx.com and queerporn.tv from Courtney Trouble, Crashpadseries.com and Heavenlyspire.com from Shine Louise Houston, and cocksexual.com from Furry Girl are all expanding with more and more trans guy talent.

I'll fill in more as time permits.  Update 6/15/12

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1


Couch Surfers 2 has been nonimated for the a 2010 Feminist Porn Award!

Couch Surfers 2 has been #1 VOD in the F2M category on gayhotmovies.com for the past month.

Couch Surfers is one of the top selling dvds on goodvibes.com trans category.

Cubbyholes is the highest viewer rated (4 stars) on hotmovies.com and related sites in the F2M category.

Our current projects are well underway with Trannywood Gone Wild in post production, and we just got the final scene for our sibling production wing, Dolores Park Studios: Queerly SF...our all genders queer porn arm.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We've been busy

Couch Surfers 2 is out and receiving great reviews...it's been picked up by our regular early adopters www.smittenkittenonline.com, www.early2bed.com, and our first national retailer www.goodvibes.com. It can also be found at The Tool Shed in Milwaukee.

We are happy to say it is also available through nakedsword and our affiliate theater at www.trannywoodpicturestheater.com and will soon be available on goodvibes.com streaming vidoe on demand. It is also up on gamelink.com.

It has also been sent to the Feminist Porn Awards for a possible nomination.

While we've been rushing to get Couch Surfers 2 out, we've also been at work with our new sibling studio, Dolores Park Studios. DPS is a queer, all genders project and our first movie has had two long days of shooting with one remaining. It's increadible! I'll be posting some behind the scenes and other still pics soon.

But we haven't forgotten Trannywood of course. Trannywood Gone Wild is finally in post production with editing going well. Lube wresting, leather bear and cub action, gloryhole 3 way...it really is wild.

We also have begun planning the next Trannywood movie...but for now, that has to wait.